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I haven’t been doing anything interesting

Things have been kind of crazy in our house since December. We entered Katsu-crunch in January, and then Chris got sick. Really sick, needed his gallbladder out the week of Katsucon sick. Awesome.

I worked on Mercy from Overwatch for almost all of January, and continued working on it right up until the day Chris had surgery (The Tuesday before Katsu), and I realized that I was nowhere near done with it, and we may not even be going to Katsu. We went round and round about the chances of us actually making this convention at all. On the one hand, surgery is hard. Recovery from laparoscopy is easier than other options , but they did still hack out a piece of his body and then sewed the rest together in a “well that should be fine” kind of way. He was miserable, hurting, and exhausted and we weren’t sure that he would even be able to sit in the car that long. On the other hand…. We had already paid (in full) a Homeaway in National Harbor, paid for our passes, and our friends were flying in from California for our annual convention and hangout weekend. It felt both INSANE to even try to go on day 4 from surgery, and crazy to lose that big of a chunk of change and blow off our friends who spent crazy amounts to get to the East Coast. So how do you think that went down?

Well, we went. Our parents told us we were insane, but his doctor cleared him saying if he wasn’t bleeding and the stitches were fine he should be fine to do as much as he felt comfortable doing.  We compromised and rented a wheelchair (which barely fits in my car with the seats folded down) so he could still do at least something, without having to risk getting pushed around or knocked into. He got tired crazy fast and his patience was a little thin spread once the pain meds started to wear off. We pretty much hit dealers twice (both close to closing when the crowds are thinner), and then hung with our California friends playing card games, the Switch, and just generally hanging out and catching up. It was a great time and we are both glad that we pushed it and went. We got some cool stuff in dealers and ate good food. What more could you ask for?


This is how Chris spent part of the trip. He could crash when he was tired, and hang out when he felt like it. It was a good compromise.

Since then it seems like time has just disappeared. We’ve been working on the house, and hosting friends, and suddenly its 2 months later. All of the parts for Mercy are still just kind of hanging out around the house. I haven’t had any motivation to work on it considering that our next convention is Katsucon 2019. I’m not happy with how parts of it turned out anyway, especially the paint, and I’m just not in the mood to work on it. Maybe with warmer weather my motivation will return. Here’s some progress pictures from the mercy build:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I do love how that pistol came out. It’s super pretty up close.

But wait you say…..Don’t you usually do Otakon in August? Well yeah, usually. But this year we are GOING TO JAPAAAAAAAAN. It’s official. We have plane tickets and everything. I am beyond excited. Still learning Japanese, and now finding cool stuff to do for the two weeks we are over there.  We are beyond excited. Buying the tickets really made it all feel real. This blog will be jumping for a while when we come back and I post pictures and stories.

So for now that’s whats up. Maybe I’ll post some pictures of the Warhammer stuff I’ve been working on, or updating my attempts to get back into playing the Violin. Or, whatever. I’ll try to post more, even when things are kind of quiet.

Do y’all have anything you want me to talk about? Any questions or anything?


One thought on “I haven’t been doing anything interesting

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