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We’re Working on it!

What are we working on? Everything!!!!


I’ve bought all the fabric, zipper, and thread that I need to make her dress. I am now the proud owner of 8 Yards of eggplant purple fabric. Not only purple fabric, but purple suit fabric. The lady at the cutting table probably thought I was about to make a crap ton of the loudest zoot suits in existence. It’s the perfect color, and breathes relatively well, which is a plus in the August heat and Humidity in DC.


I took it to sewing class yesterday and spent 45 minutes ironing it all, which in hindsight was pointless. I hadn’t even cut my pattern yet, so it just got balled up and shoved back in a bag. Whoops. Cutting the pattern was….time consuming. 2.5 hours to iron and cut the pattern for this bitch. It’s 5 pages of pattern that is going to go on 8 Yards of fabric. I finished just before class ended and actually screamed out the words “Finally I am free from this cutting Hell”. My instructor looked at me with her “Well maybe you should have started with something easier” face. Nope, go big or go home. I will be spending the weekend pinning the cut pieces to my fabric AND CUTTING IT ALL OUT AGAIN. Yay me! Also, the patterns come in these cute little envelopes, and once they come out you are never getting them back in again, so I am mildly freaking out that this giant mass of tissue paper is just going to dissolve. How are you supposed to store or transfer all this???

Skull Knight:

We sent Charlie home with homework. Last weekend we worked on wonderflexing the back of the skull mask that he had bought. That sentence is confusing. Let me explain. He bought a cool skull mask, but it’s just the front half of the head. Skull Knight’s “helmet” is really just his skull head, so we have to physically build out the back of the skull. I wish I could post video here (it’s the crazy expensive package from WordPress boo), but here’s a picture from the very start of the build. We duct taped a smooth surface and worked off of that . (Yes, we formed the wonderflex directly to his noggin, but we layered him up good and proper first so we don’t burn him. YMMV)


He went home with a bunch of pieces to work on.  Progress!

Soldier 76:

LOL. My mask just shipped (From Portugal), and is a raw 3D Print, and I haven’t ordered the jacket yet. I’m not sure I can make Soldier happen before Ota. Maybe, if everything comes in on time.


Everything Else:

Chris and I are going to NYC near the end of the month. My birthday gift was going to see Kinky Boots on Broadway while Brandon Urie was still headlining. I’m excited! NYC is a fun place to visit, stuff ourselves with food, and just get away for the weekend. The trip may not be the best timed (2 weeks before Ota with costume crunch going on), but we both need a mini vacation.

More pictures of the dress progress coming soon!





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