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Look at this blast from the past!

Thank you, first person to follow my blog, for being the first person to follow my blog! You made my day!

I went to message an old friend of mine from High School on the Facebooks, and a group chat message from 2011 popped up. I had never seen it before (I guess it got put in the Group tab that Facebook had back in the day) and was curious what she had sent me. Holy crap y’all. Look at this….


The above picture is from Anime Mid Atlantic 2011. This is also my very first costume ever (Riza Hawkeye from Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood). Chris is the one in the Gundam Helmet (It had an eye that lit up and moved, it was pretty slick), and our friend Charlie is the Umbrella soldier(his costume has been much much improved since this picture was taken with tons of cool surplus pieces. It looks badass as hell now).  This was probably my second anime convention, and the first one I had done in costume.

My first con was a single evening at Anime USA when it was still in Crystal City. Chris took me with him to meet up with his old friend Steve who was doing…I think it was called “Plushie Con” but was basically a giant hangout in a panel room that just so happened to involve plushies. I’ll start off with saying that I was on edge the whole night. I had snuck up to DC from college with Chris, and if my parents had known I would have been dead.  We actually drove up and back in the same night so I could be in my dorm when my parents showed up the next day.  In the couple of hours we hung out I was immediately hooked. Look at all these nerds who are in to the same stuff as me!

I have no idea where I bought my Hawkeye costume, but I still have it in a box somewhere. I can’t even begin to squeeze it on these days, which makes me a little sad. I really want to do her again, as I love her character. Which is why I’m……


I started going to the gym, and eating better, and drinking more water this week. I have a gym buddy (Who is also my cosplay photographer and friend and lover of America’s Next Top Model) and I signed up for some personal training sessions. I’ve got GOALS. Mostly my goal is to lose weight (who’s isn’t) but to also tone up so I look and feel less like a blob.  Mostly I want to fit back into that Hawkeye Costume, and do an awesome boudoir shoot with her character. The fitness and less weight are just consolation prizes…..cause that’s just how I am.

I promise this won’t turn into a weight loss whine blog, its just a little blurb in my life these days. We will be working on Cosplay stuff this weekend, so pictures and videos of our progress will be up early next week.


Bonus Picture of Charlie’s awesome Umbrella Soldier Rig. Katsucon 2017





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