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I’m Taking a Sewing Class

Back to Back updates gooooooooooo!

Things in our household are a little…hectic this week. Dear Husband is sick, in and out of the ER sick, and we are looking at possible surgery for him next week to have his gallbladder removed.  He is so miserable, and it makes me sad just watching him loaf around the house looking pained.  Thank god we have decent insurance to finally get to the bottom of his mystery illness.

I have been watching him like a hawk, but tonight I am taking a 3 hour break to go to the first day of my sewing class! I was afraid I was going to have to miss the first day, but luck appears to be on my side. He isn’t going to just drop dead, so I can go out. Awesome. The course I am taking is an 8 week monster. Every Wednesday from 630-9PM for 8 weeks at the local Visual Arts Center.

Now, I do “know” how to sew. I can fire up my machine, put in the thread, and do very basic stitching. Hell, I made my cloak for Saber, and some minor pieces for Chris (all pleather work that I am kind of proud of), and I made a sack dress for a Toriel (Undertale) that looked like crap. I never formally learned how to read a pattern, which makes anything more involved than curtains very difficult. I’ve also never figured out tension, or what the 80 Bajillion stitches on my machine do, and sewing in a straight line is some kind of magic I have never really figure out. This class will go over all of that, and also how to make changes to patterns, alter existing clothes, sew button holes/zippers, and just generally be a good seamstress. I am stoked. This is the very large missing piece in my cosplay making armory and something that will be incredibly useful in real life as well.

I really should have packed all of my gear up last night so I didn’t have to rush home and just throw things in a bag at random. I completely didn’t think about it until I woke up this morning. At least I got around to cleaning my lair/office this weekend, and I put all of my sewing accessories in a drawer of my desk so they will be easy to find (I’m a clever lass sometimes). My office looks a lot better, and I actually can walk in there now without feeling a pang of frustration. Wins all around!!!!

I might try to post a weekly “Things I am learning in Class” if people kind of want to watch a train wreck become less of one.  I’ll also try to add a picture of my lair now that it is fit to be seen by humans.  If I go quiet next week it is because I am playing nursemaid to dear husband. Yay.



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