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Warhammer 8th Edition (That I won’t be playing, but being in the store made me buy paint), and other adventures in adulting. – I also forgot to actually post this last week. Whoops

I do things other than cosplay sometimes. Right now most of my costuming (minus the one for our friend) is on hold while we decide what to do about Otakon this year.  Chris found out he has to work that weekend, and he cannot get out of it. Boo. The room is booked and we had already bought our passes. Mostly I am trying to figure out if I am going to go by myself with our group of friends, or drive up for the day on Saturday, or what.

In light of all of that I will still be working on getting Soldier 76 ready to roll. I should probably get to work ordering stuff for it, and working on the rifle. Yup, will start working on that any day now……any day. Mostly I’m procrastinating because my “Office” (AKA my sewing/cosplay/knitting/storage room) is a disaster. I had installed a shelf in the closet when we moved into our new house in January, and apparently did a crappy job because it promptly fell off the wall again in March. Whoops. This resulted in all of the stuff on the shelf raining from above and then being just moved out of the way while my dad fixed my mistake. In the resulting 2 months I haven’t had the give a craps to reorganize everything, and it has also become a dumping ground for the costumes from Katsucon, the suitcase from our trip to Denver, a random rug that needs to find a home, and everything else I just haven’t had time to deal with. Mostly it has a door that shuts so it’s an out of sight out of mind problem. I walked in there on Saturday with the intent to finally fix the massive pain point in my life, got overwhelmed, and gave up immediately. So yeah, I’ll get to that annnnny day now. Maybe this weekend while Chris has the boys over to play…


Warhammer is a big thing in our house. Chris’ best friend (Charlie, the guy that I am helping to make Skull Knight) is very much in to Warhammer, and has been since he was a kid. He got Chris in to it and now they play whenever they can. A new release is entirely a reason for Charlie to come stay with us for the weekend so they can get a few games in.  This weekends big release means that Charlie will be over, as well as several of our friends to play with it.

I “play” Warhammer in that I love to paint models. I love little bitty details and teeny tiny brushes. I haven’t actually played a game in the 5 years I have been collecting Warhammer armies. I have 3 of them now, and not a single one is painted or assembled enough to actually play with (My Necron army is closest in that it has all of the basic ground troops done, while I’ve stalled on the vehicles and the more specialized units.) When Age of Sigmar came out I fell in love with the models and promptly bought most of the Stormcast Eternals. Then I worked on about 8 different color schemes for them and couldn’t like any of them. They’ve sat for about a year while I try to figure out what I want to do with them. When Chris went last weekend to preorder 8th Edition, I made the epic mistake of looking over the paint wall. Oh the glorious paint wall. Damn does Games Workshop know how to make beautiful paint colors. I could hear my wallet whimpering.  It hit me all at once that I want my Sigmar stuff done in Peacock colors and patterns. It is going to be intricate, and beautiful, and means I will complete this army sometime before I die.  The rich greens, blues and golds just really speak to me, and I can pattern the armor to look like feathers. I am stoked.  I figure while the boys play with the new edition I can work on getting this army painted up. That does mean that I need to clean out my office though….hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Crap


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