Life and Things


I made this blog a few months ago, and never did anything with it. This is not all that unusual for me. I start a lot of things I never finish: Warhammer armies, video games, cross stitch projects. I am a serial not finisher. Video games usually bare the brunt of my fleeting interest. I just can’t seem to give enough shits to play through hour upon hour of stuff to get to the story, that’s what wikipedia is for.

So you may have a few questions like:

  • Who the hell are you?
  • What’s this all about?
  • Is this some new years resolution thing?
  • Will you also abandon this to the eternal unfinished gods?

I can answer those!

  • In the real, adult, world. I am a Systems Engineer. I work with computers, and have for a pretty long time. The rest of the time I am an all around nerd. I make costumes and props for anime conventions. I do some light modeling in costume. I play video games (this month is Overwatch, which has held my interest for the last few months!). I knit, read, cross stitch, etch glass, play with my dogs. I’m not super interesting, but sometimes being an oddity is interesting enough.
  • This is all about being a lady nerd doing lady nerd things. It’s also about just life in general. I’ll post costume stuff, life stuff, house stuff.
  • Nope
  • Maybe


If you’re interested in Cosplay stuff, the season for new costumes is upon us. Otakon is right around the corner and I’ve got 4 costumes in the works, 2 for me, one for dear husband (Chris), and one for his best friend Charlie.  I’m working on Soldier 76 (me), Schierke – from Berserk (me), Blackwatch Mcree – Overwatch (Chris), and Skullknight – Berserk (Charlie). I’ll be posting progress pictures as I go and maybe some videos .

Other than that it’s just me.




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